Do you feel your voice is too high or too low? Are you sometimes taken for the opposite gender?

Do you feel your voice is too loud, breathy, raspy or unpleasant sounding?

As we go about our daily lives, our speaking voice is our “calling card.” We are often judged (and misjudged!) based on the quality of our voices and intonation patterns.

At LA Speech Therapy Solutions, we provide communication training through adult voice therapy, voice enhancement, public speaking improvement, voice feminization and voice masculinization. Our speech pathologists will look at a variety of aspects of communication, including vocal pitch, intonation and resonance, and nonverbal communication.

Assessment will involve the collection of a case and medical history, plus an assessment of voice and language. It is important for the therapist to eliminate any vocally abusive behaviors which are often found in voices that are too loud, too raspy, too flat, too monotone, or too high-pitched voice and annoying. In addition to the aesthetic component, these voices can lead to vocal nodules or other voice problems.

Voice and Communication Training

The following are some of the things that may be targeted:

  • pitch

  • resonance

  • intonation (the rhythm of speech)

  • rate (how fast or slow the person speaks)

  • volume/intensity

  • language

  • speech sound production (articulation)

  • pragmatics (social rules of communication)

Please call today for a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your particular needs. We are here to help and to ensure that you reach your goals in a cost-effective and timely manner for a pleasing sounding voice.