Speech & Language Disorders Los AngelesIs your child not yet speaking?

Does your child have trouble saying certain sounds?

Is your child having trouble understanding and following directions?

Does your child have poor eye contact and difficulty taking turns?





These are questions that we as parents have when we become concerned that our child’s speech or comprehension is not developing appropriately. If you suspect that your child is missing communication skills or is having articulation problems, you should schedule a speech-language evaluation soon as possible.

A speech and language evaluation will clearly identify areas of weakness and provide an assessment of your child’s skill level and age-based competency. Speech therapy can then address these areas of weakness and close the gap, with the goal of advancing your child’s speech to the age-appropriate range. LA Speech Therapy Solutions provides complimentary initial phone consultations.  Please call us to discuss your concerns and to determine  whether a speech and language evaluation is recommended.

LA Speech Therapy Solutions provides in-depth assessments and one-on-one intervention for preschool and school-age children. We tune into your child’s emotional and cognitive well-being and we provide a therapy process that is nurturing and positive. We work together with parents to get the “big picture” of what is going on with the child’s communication and provide clear-cut feedback about the child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Our therapists are results driven and are focused on helping children use their new speech and language skills outside of therapy.  We provide parents with training and support to help their children practice between sessions.

LA Speech Therapy Solutions is dedicated to helping each child reach their potential as successful communicators.

We are experts at working with children and specialize in the following speech and communication disorders:

Articulation Delay – We provide targeted intervention and fix sounds that children have difficulty pronouncing, including ‘k, s’ and ‘r’.  We have developed effective techniques to remediate noisy and wet distortions of the ‘s, sh, ch’ and ’j’ sounds.

Apraxia – We help children improve and strengthen their oral motor planning and speech imitation skills.  Our therapy process emphasizes vowel differentiation and clear articulation of multi-syllabic words.

Autism (ASD) and Asperger’s Syndrome – We recognize that each child is unique and has individual strengths and weaknesses. We service children on the spectrum and help to maximize verbal and social success. We place special emphasis on developing language, pragmatics and social communication.

Receptive / Expressive Language – We develop a child’s auditory comprehension and listening skills. We improve their oral and written expression, vocabulary, word-retrieval and story-telling abilities. Stuttering – Stuttering is a complex disorder. We are experts at maximizing fluency while developing a child’s self-confidence. We focus on helping our clients to generalize these strategies in real life experiences.