Every parent wants their child to feel empowered, confident, and most importantly – loved. At LA Speech Therapy Solutions, a pediatric OT therapy Los Angeles provider, we believe that your words have the powerful ability to shape your child and your relationship with your child.

To support your child’s development and help you create a meaningful relationship with your child, we’ve gathered a list of 5 powerful statements every child should hear from their parents:

“I like you.”

This statement is very different from “I love you.” To tell your child that you like them affirms that you like them as a person, a being, and a friend. Use both statements with your child.

“Let’s read.”

Reading with your children benefits them academically and socially. They will become more effective communicators and learn to empathize with different people, places, and ideas.

 “You’re a fast learner.”

Learning is a natural process, and young ones are exceptionally talented at learning. Telling your kids that they are fast learners allows them to associate success with working hard.

“What do you think?”

Asking for your kids’ input and engaging them in family conversations builds their decision-making skills. They will learn to express their thoughts and take responsibility for their decisions and actions.

 “We all make mistakes.”

Kids are understandably upset when they make mistakes. Tell your kids about your mistakes to remind them that no one is perfect. It is important for your child to deal with problems, learn from their mistakes, and move on.

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