Stuttering Therapy Los Angeles

Is your child stuttering and you want to know what you can do to help?

Does your child avoid speaking opportunities because they’re worried they’ll stutter?

Are you and/or your child upset about their stuttering?

Does your child have poor eye contact and or/extra body movements when trying to get their words out?

Have you tried other stuttering therapies with little success?


‪These are questions that we as parents have when we become concerned with our child’s stuttering. ‬‬‬

If you suspect that your child has developed a tendency to stutter and has a hard time getting their words out, you should schedule an evaluation with a speech-language pathologist that specializes in helping children and their families overcome fluency disorders. Our stuttering therapy specialists have years of experience with children and speech therapy.

Our comprehensive fluency evaluation will clearly identify any physical and psychological manifestations of stuttering.

LA Speech Therapy Solutions provides state-of-the-art individualized stuttering therapy. We carefully tailor stuttering therapy to each child and family as we help your child develop strategies to transcend stuttering. Whether your child is getting stuck on, prolonging, or repeating their words, we can help them speak more smoothly, with greater confidence, and ease. Our stuttering therapy approach incorporates current knowledge, research, and evidence and includes family training, education, and support.