How To Detect If Your Child Has A Stuttering Disorder

Detecting issues with your child early on in their life, like a stuttering disorder, is a scary thing. At LA Speech Therapy Solutions, our occupational therapy Los Angeles center wants you to know what signs to look out for if your child may have a stuttering disorder:

Repetition of Words

This includes prolonged speech and sounds, where […]

How To Promote Self-Advocacy In Children

By definition, self-advocacy is a child’s ability to understand their personal needs, to know what support they require from others to fulfill these needs, and to communicate these needs to parents and teachers.
In order to self-advocate, a child needs to learn how to understand and communicate their needs to others. At LA Speech Therapy Solutions, […]

How To Help Your Child Problem-Solve

As children go through life, situations that require problem-solving naturally appear. For some children, problem-solving processes come quickly but for others, they don’t. Problem-solving skills are one of the most important developmental milestones with which the OT therapy Los Angeles professionals at LA Speech Therapy Solutions are trained to help.
No matter your child’s current skill […]

4 Ways To Develop Fine Motor Skills At Home

At LA Speech Therapy Solutions, our OT therapy Los Angeles team works with children to improve their fine motor skills. To aid this in-facility process, we have compiled a list of fine motor skill development activities that you can do with your child at home.

Avoid Electronics

While tablets, smartphones, video games, and remote controls make […]

8 Techniques to Help Your Child Calm Down

At LA Speech Therapy Solutions, our OT Therapy Los Angeles team knows that mental stress and muscle tension inhibit a child’s ability to function properly. When breathing techniques aren’t doing the trick, here are some other options to help your child calm down.


Take a cue from Yogis and have your child enter child’s pose, hang […]

4 Ways to Help Your Child Overcome Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is more than just being shy—it can be an emotional and academic obstacle, especially for young kids.
If your child is struggling with speaking in front of others, reading out loud or developing friendships, they may be battling a social anxiety disorder. At LA Speech Therapy Solutions, our OT therapy Los Angeles team has […]

How to Improve Your Child’s Handwriting

At LA Speech Therapy Solutions, our pediatric OT Therapy Los Angeles team helps combat and prevent developmental delays in children. Handwriting difficulty is one of the predominant obstacles we tackle. We have provided a few guidelines below so that you can work on your child’s handwriting outside of our occupational therapy facility.

Fix The Grasp

Many young children […]

5 Powerful Statements All Children Should Hear From Their Parents

Every parent wants their child to feel empowered, confident, and most importantly – loved. At LA Speech Therapy Solutions, a pediatric OT therapy Los Angeles provider, we believe that your words have the powerful ability to shape your child and your relationship with your child.
To support your child’s development and help you create a meaningful […]

Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Helping improve your child’s self-esteem is the best thing you can do for them. A high self-esteem helps children grow into happy, hard working people.
We want your children to succeed, which is why our OT therapy Los Angeles team has listed 5 things you can do to help improve your children’s self-esteem.
1. Learn To Step […]

4 Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in School

It is important for parents to help as much as they can in order for children to succeed in school. Our Los Angeles pediatric occupational therapy facility wants your child to become a successful student, so we listed 4 ways you can help to keep your child on track.
1. Attend Parent-Teacher Conferences And Back-To-School Nights
Attending parent-teacher […]