Our speech therapy for toddlers works with children to help them overcome any developmental delays. The speech therapists at LA Speech Therapy Solutions are more than willing to improve your child’s communication, talking, and speech.

There are many areas that speech therapy for toddlers can help your child. LA Speech Therapy Solutions shares 5 ways speech therapy can help your child improve their communication.

  1. Expressive Communication Skillsspeech therapy for toddlersExpressive language is important for children since they are learning new words to form sentences they’re not sure makes sense. Speech therapy for toddlers helps them find the correct words to form the sentences they want to express.
  2. Listening Skills
    Many children are better at listening than at speaking. Our speech therapy for toddlers program helps your child understand new words and how to actively engage in basic conversation to improve their listening skills.
  3. Speech Fluency
    If you have a stuttering child, they will benefit from our speech therapy for toddlers program. Our speech therapists can help your child improve their flow of speech which can increase their comprehensibility.
  4. Vocal Resonance
    Some children experience hoarseness in their voice when they have a speech disorder. Our speech therapists train your child to avoid vocal abuse or bad habits that cause you to damage or strain your voice.
  5. Feeding/Swallowing
    If your child is having speech issues, they might be having swallowing and feeding issues as well. Swallowing and eating are closely related to speech because of the way the mouth moves. The tongue is a determining factor is feeding and swallowing.

The best result of our speech therapy for toddlers program is empowering and educating your child to communicate effectively.

For more information on how to improve your child’s communication, click here.

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