You love your children, but do you feel like you’re always directing orders to them? You’re not alone. As an experienced pediatric OT therapy Los Angeles facility, we know that encouraging words from you are essential for your children.

Giving your children encouraging words can help improve their self-esteem, increase motivation, and develop determination. Not all encouraging words are effective. If used incorrectly, they could have an opposite effect on your children.

Here are some tips our OT therapy Los Angeles facility suggests to follow when praising your children:

You should be specific in giving praise to your children. Some general praises can be perceived as insincere.

DO: “You came up with a thoughtful answer and rocked the question!”

DON’T: “Good job!”

In this case, the child will know that they were thoughtful instead of doing a good job without a reason behind it.

Instead of praising your children for their ability to accomplish a task, praise them for the process and their effort.

DO: “You are good at trying different ways to solve a hard puzzle.”

DON’T: “You’re such a great puzzle-solver!”

In this case, the child can understand that the process in which they solved the puzzle counted the most.

Don’t control your children, condition them. As early as two-years-old, we develop a sense of worth. 

DO: “You’ve worked hard on this and you’re doing great!”

DON’T: “I’m sure you will want to do better next time.”

In this case, the child is focused on the project and isn’t thinking about how they didn’t do their best.Whether you’re new to parenting or not, here are a few great encouraging phrases that will reinforce good behavior in your child:

  1. “You seem to really enjoy science/math.” (This is an especially important phrase for girls to hear)
  2. “I noticed you were patient with your brother.”
  3. “Thank you for your cooperation/observation/help setting the table; it really made a difference.”

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