At LA Speech Therapy Solutions, our OT Therapy Los Angeles team knows that mental stress and muscle tension inhibit a child’s ability to function properly. When breathing techniques aren’t doing the trick, here are some other options to help your child calm down.

  1. Inversion

Take a cue from Yogis and have your child enter child’s pose, hang their heads down towards their toes, or practice a headstand. Inverting the body refreshes our autonomic nervous system, which controls how we respond to stress.

  1. Sing Loudly

Singing out loud to a favorite tune releases endorphins in the brain. These chemicals are “feel good” chemicals that, upon release, physically make you feel better.

  1. Take A Hot Bath

Relaxing in the tub with steam rising from the surface is a trusted way for both kids and adults to unwind. Including a few bath toys can make the experience more child-friendly.

  1. Push Against A Wall

This trick rids our body of stress hormones. Our muscles contract when we try to push the wall down; these muscles relax when they get tired out. This entire process relaxes the body and signals the brain to release endorphins.

  1. Pop Bubble Wrap

A simple joy that everyone has experienced. Popping bubble wrap is a classic de-stressing mechanism that gives your mind a breather by engaging your fingers in sensory stimulation.

  1. Go For A Walk

Have your child breathe in fresh air and get some exercise. The repetitive rhythm of walking also has a self-soothing quality. Taking a walk with your child helps them get out of their head.

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  1. Blow Up Balloons

This activity requires children to take deep breathes and control their exhalation. An improvement upon typical breathing techniques, blowing up balloons is a more tangible, colorful experience that will keep children engaged.

  1. Watch Fish

The physical act of watching fish swim in a tank reduces blood pressure and heart rate. The next time your child needs to unwind, go find some fish; think lakes, ponds, and aquariums.


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