At LA Speech Therapy Solutions, our pediatric OT Therapy Los Angeles team helps combat and prevent developmental delays in children. Handwriting difficulty is one of the predominant obstacles we tackle. We have provided a few guidelines below so that you can work on your child’s handwriting outside of our occupational therapy facility.

  1. Fix The Grasp

Many young children hold their writing tools with a closed fist. The best way to facilitate legible handwriting is to fix this grip—the writing tool should rest at the base of the thumb and be held in place with the thumb, index, and middle fingers.

  1. Use Lined Paper

Lined paper gives children a guideline for making letters that are the right size and proportion. These lines can help children properly form upper case and lower case letters as well as help them write straight instead of uphill or downhill.

  1. Slow Down

Encourage your child to go slow when writing. When children rush, it makes it difficult to control the letters and in turn, they spend more time erasing than writing. Since kids like to imitate their parents, modeling a slow writing style in front of your child will make them more likely to slow down themselves.

  1. Don’t Press So Hard

Children often press too hard while writing. This makes forming letters more difficult and leads to hand cramps. Help relieve this added pressure by encouraging your child to loosen up and relax the pencil grip.

  1. Make It Fun

Handwriting practice can become frustrating for children—make it fun! Offer your child special pencils or pens to use. Play games like hangman that will stimulate your child’s interest while also pushing them to practice their handwriting.

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